First Post

Wow, the first post is always the most exciting one.  It's the beginning, when everything is new and fresh and exciting.  It's the start of the adventure!

To start this adventure off, we started dumping knowledge as fast as we could.  Jonathan and I decided the adventure was going to be, "Can we write a book in 24 hours, like a hack day project?" We've heard Amy Hoy talk about writing her book in 24 Hours, and both of us love Hack Day projects where we can ignore all the fluff in favour of the core essence of a product.

With yesterday off from work, and the whole weekend ahead of us, we brainstormed ideas in the evening, and then started writing in the morning at 8:15.  An intense weekend followed, packing essential information into our inaugural book. 

Filled with explanations of different techniques for creating responsive images, both the HTML to render the images, and examples of code to generate the resized images, Up to Speed with Responsive Images is our first book of "Quick Reads for Tech Needs."  We hope for this to be the first of many books written for the developer seeking to learn new techniques quickly.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.